anemia in hindi खून की कमी


The word frailty has been utilized since quite a while in the past, all things considered, the word paleness is totally right, the patient of any weakness has absence of blood, the quantity of red platelets in the human body and Diminishing how much Hemoglobin present in the blood is called Pallor.

Along these lines, when how much iron in the blood diminishes and how much hemoglobin diminishes, then it turns into an illness, regardless of whether there is less blood in the body because of any explanation, sickliness likewise happens.

It is of two kinds:

1. Iron Deficiency Anemia

2. Pernicious Anemia

1.Iron Deficiency Anemia

This type of Anemia is seen more in the general public. This disease is found all over the world. This anemia is seen more in our country. Iron deficiency arises due to several reasons:

Due to early delivery of poor and middle class ladies, there is no iron in food. Due to excessive blood loss in the menstrual cycle in ladies. Piles in Gents due to loss of more blood. Reasons for Hook Warm in Gents.

2. Pernicious Anemia:

In this, how much red platelets diminishes and the size of these cells increments, wherein hemoglobin stays up to 3-4 gm. Coincidentally, this kind of illness isn't equivalent in our country, a couple of individuals have been seen experiencing it, a large portion of the sicknesses in our nation are caused because of lack of iron weakness.


Many symptoms are seen when Iron Deficiency Anemia occurs.

  1. Nails become dry in this and their natural shine ends.
  2. Patient's skin becomes dry and yellowish.
  3. Yellowing of the body is the special feature of this disease. Heart rate increases in this.
  4. Weakness.
  5. Tachypnoea (flatulence).
  6. Patient's hands and legs become audible.
  7. Gingivitis (inflammation of gums). Nausea (nausea).


This is a Life Threatening disease, if its diagnosis and treatment is not done in time, then the death of the patient can also happen.

  • Patient should be given complete bed rest.
  • Blood transfusion should be done in serious condition
  • The patient should be advised to use Vitamin B12.
  • It is necessary for the patient to bathe daily
  • should be taken for a walk in the open air,
  • Efforts should be made to increase the appetite of the patient.


Before treating Anemia, it should always be known the cause of Anemia due to lack of food, Hook worms, Piles (Wart), Per vaginal bleeding, or other reasons.

Deworming is necessary if Hook warms is the reason for this. Tab-Bandy (Albendazole 400mg) 1 tablet daily for 3 days and then once a week for 4 weeks

for children

Suspension Bandy (Albendazole) should be given. Deworming should involve the whole family means Tab

Bandy should be given to all members of the family. Along with this, Cap Fefol - Z (Carbonyl Iron Folic Acid and Zinc) for supplementing Iron after taking one tablet daily.


Tab Dexorange one tablet daily half an hour after meals


Syp Dexorange two spoons morning and evening after meals

Along with this Inj.Imferon (Iron Dextran) 2ml should be applied in a muscle daily.

But before applying Injection Imferon 2ml in the muscle, once it should be applied subcutaneously 0.5ml and see if the patient has any reaction for five minutes. If there is no reaction then Inj. Imferon can be injected into the muscle once daily.

Also Injection Ferikins 100 (Iron sucrose injection 5ml) Ns 500ml can be administered intravenously thrice a week.

Along with the above treatment: Two spoonful of Protien Powder should be given in the morning and evening with milk.

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